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Water Sport In Bentota

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An island encircled by the sea, with many lakes and rivers flowing all over the island, hence water sports have gained popularity in Sri Lanka, in particular, Bentota. A popular tourist resort town with its long Bentota River that opens out into the Indian ocean along the coastline of Bentota and Aluthgama.

It is definitely one of the most exhilarating water sports ever to exist – nothing beats getting to head out into the lake or ocean at high speeds, adrenaline coursing through you. The view of the beach and the waves are an added surplus to the whole experience, along with enough memories to last forever. There are great deals of sport centers that provide you with jet skis for rental base and for a limited amount of time. Sunshine water sports center is one place that features jet-skiing, for rental and charge you per hour.

Diving/Scuba Diving
Diving is an entirely different experience altogether that a lot of people love doing. Unlike all the other activities, diving is not done all year, and only from November to May. Underwater there are large schools of fish, in various different types and beautiful coral reefs. Diving academies can easily be located along the coast of Bentota, and they are more than willing to help you satisfy your expectations. They offer lessons ranging from beginners courses, junior courses for children and advanced courses, too. In order to obtain the maximum out of diving, most diving academies travel to Beruwala which isn’t that far from Bentota.

There is an array of windsurfing facilities featured in Bentota, attracting amateurs and professionals from all over the country and world. The best time to attempt it would be from the months November to April in terms of weather conditions. Windsurfing centers and schools are always at hand to advise you when it comes to strong currents and other valuable information you might need for reference. Compared to the rest of popular windsurfing destinations around the world, it is much more affordable and worth every penny in Sri Lanka. It is a thrilling experience no one should miss out on.

Another fun activity to do is snorkeling, which is great for young people who are up for an adventure. There are professional guides who will help you all the way to the snorkeling point. Tourists are allowed to swim the expanse of the ocean and explore the underwater landscape that includes numerous amounts of colorful fish and other exceptional marine life as well. People are amazed with what they find, because underwater everything is mysteriously hidden and secluded from the world.

Banana boat/Tube rides
Last but not least, the banana ride is the latest addition which is gradually coming up is certainly entertaining for everyone. A banana shaped boat is attached to a ski boat and at high speeds and you can even get flung off the boat which is more fun than actually riding it. It is a great alternative to the regular water based activities. Up to five people are allowed on the ride, and charged per person.

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