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Turn home quarantine into a holiday: here are some ideas

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The rapid COVID-19 has spreaded around the world. The governments globally has issued holidays. Governments are advising holidaymakers to self-isolate (that is, avoid all contact with other people) when returning home from certain destinations. Even if you don’t have flu-like symptoms, you may need to self-quarantine. 

The rapid spread of the coronavirus can really spoil your good mood, especially if a booked trip gets cancelled. Or if you have to go into quarantine. Is this what happened to you? The most important thing is how you approach this situation. If you get angry or upset, it will only make matters worse. Instead, so long as you’re not sick, you should enjoy your time off and stay level-headed. Here are some tips to enjoy your holiday at home;

A holiday on the balcony

The first trees are budding, spring flowers are emerging from the ground — winter will soon be over. Use the time and get your garden in shape or take care of your balcony. And when the sun comes out, grab your sunglasses, listen to music and imagine yourself on a beach.

Browse travel books

When otherwise do you find time to sit on your sofa and read those travel books that have been sitting on the shelf for ages? A holiday at home makes it possible! Learn about other countries — this will certainly help you plan your next post-coronavirus vacation.  

Roll the tape!

Even if you cannot travel yourself, why not join others on their travels! We recommend our travel show Check-In, where you can learn more about Germany. Or you can watch travel-related films like Little Miss Sunshine or Wild.

Bathtub spa

You love spa holidays? Then relax in the bathtub at home! Perhaps you can find a bubble bath or a face mask hiding in your bathroom cupboard. Afterwards snuggle into your bathrobe and put your feet up. Make your own face mask using the fruits at your home. Keep yourself fresh, clean and look beautiful.

Time for family

The best thing about traveling is being able to spend time with family or friends. How often does that fall under the table in the hectic pace of everyday life? Why not play board games together and look at pictures from your past trips.

Sip cocktails and cook some new dishes

The supermarkets remain open, so why not try cooking something new? Look for recipes of specialties and have a go at cooking them. Or mix some cocktails to get you into a holiday mood.

Just enjoy doing nothing

The best thing about going on holiday is actually being able to be lazy, chill out and do nothing. Why not try that at home too? It will do you good!

Do handwork’s or draw something

It’s a good time to relax yourself by doing some creative stuff, do some craft-work or paint something. Doing creative stuff would make your holiday a joyful one.

Clean your house and wash your vehicle

Clean up your home, your room like you cleanup yourself. Keeping your surrounding clean is much important. Wash all your clothes, clean the floor frequently. Being home is a chance for you to keep your place tidy.

Build up your body at home

You can do some exercise at home freely to keep yourself fit.

The above are some tips to make you feel not bored. There are many more you can try out to make your holiday a meaningful one.


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