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Top 10 healthiest countries to live

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According to BBC News,

The fight at the frontlines of Covid-19 is being waged in clinics and hospitals around the world. But the success of that fight has, in large part, depended on the effectiveness of the healthcare systems in each country. So far, there’s been a noticeable correlation between a country’s ability to contain the virus and previous rankings of its healthcare system to provide positive health outcomes.

For this report, we looked specifically at the 2019 The Legatum Prosperity Index, conducted by the eponymous London-based think tank, which measures economic and social prosperity policies and conditions based on 12 pillars in 167 nations. The health pillar of the index specifically measures the extent to which people in each country are healthy and have access to the services necessary to maintain good health, including health outcomes, healthy systems, illnesses and risk factors, and mortality rates.

We talked to doctors and residents in some of the top-ranked countries within the health pillar to understand which aspects of the medical establishment have enabled them to manage the virus and its outcomes, what continued challenges lie ahead, and how locals are feeling about living there.

Top 10 healthy countries, according to the 2019 The Legatum Prosperity Index

1. Singapore
2. Japan
3. Switzerland
4. South Korea
5. Norway
6. Hong Kong
7. Iceland
8. Denmark
9. The Netherlands
10. Austria

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