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Despite globalization, technology, and transportation advancements, there are still some locations on the planet that you simply cannot visit.

While some of us are fixated on space exploration and colonizing Mars, the truth is that some portions of our world remain mostly unexplored or forgotten.

Other areas are home to military bases, espionage secrets, or have even been forbidden to the public on the grounds that they’re “legally haunted”.


Thousands of venomous snakes have overrun this Brazilian island. Snake Island is one of the world’s and Brazil’s most banned places, and no human dares to set foot on it. In fact, it is so dangerous that the government has made it illegal to visit the island.


Home to the Sentinelese tribe, the North Sentinel Island in the Andaman chain is one of the forbidden islands in the world. The people inhabiting the island often get violent to safeguard their isolation. This region is strictly prohibited for visitors of any kind and is one of the most dangerous and forbidden places in the world.


The Lascaux Cave in France is a treasured gem for archaeologists all over the world. The cave system holds pre-historic paintings that date way back to at least 17,300 years ago. The set of Paleolithic paintings that seems hauntingly striking hangs over the wall. These paintings have animals such as cattle, stags, bison and much more on it. Unfortunately, the cave is sealed to the common public following 1963. Because archaeologists concluded that human proximity might ruin the ancient work of art.


Surtsey is a small island situated in an archipelago on the south coast of Iceland. It was created as a consequence of a volcanic explosion that continued for four years. Surtsey is also known globally for being the newest island on the globe. Right now, it only allows a few scientists and geologists to enter its premises. This forbidden place in the world is totally banned to grant entry for tourists. This is because it is supposed that human intrusion will upset the ecological sequence that is ongoing on the island currently.

  • Pravcicka Brana , Czech Republic

Pravcicka Brana is not only one of the famed attractions of the Czech Republic, but also is known for Europe’s largest natural sandstone arch. It was open for visitors till 1982, but now it has become off-limits for outsiders. Reportedly, the ban has been in place to reduce erosion of this beautiful landmark. Unfortunately, the ban did not help, and the erosion process still continues.

  • Mezhgorye , Russia

There are a lot of mysterious sites, ghost towns, and other such creepy places in Russia that you might wonder why these spots are still shrouded with secrecy. One such place is the Mezhgorye, which is a closed town hidden somewhere in the Southern Ural Mountains. Two battalions guard this spot to ensure no one dares to enter into the town, and it’s still not clear why people are not allowed inside.


Dulce is a small community in New Mexico near the Colorado border. This village, which has a population of 2,600 Native Americans, is home to an underground laboratory where incredible experiments are conducted. The Dulce Base is supposed to be a vast covert compound with extremely sophisticated technologies and human-animal hybrids. This base is well guarded and is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world and the United States.

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