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The Green lake

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The Green lake is a lake in Styria, Austria. The lake is surrounded by the Mountain and forests. Because of this emerald green clear water ,the Green Lake found this name.

This body of water literally shape-shifts throughout the seasons. During the winter, it’s more like a shallow pond. But come spring, it gets deep enough to dive and swim in.

Eventually, what was once along the pond’s edge becomes submerged underwater, transforming the lake into a majestic underwater oasis.

When the temperature rises and the ice is melting from the surrounding mountains, the lake gets filled up with water. In this time of the year this lake is changing in a dramatically green/turquoise color and lots of visitors are coming to see this gorgeous beauty. Moreover, the area is also called “the Caribbean of the Hochsteiermark”.

Spends its falls and winters as a mild- mannered lake, with popular hiking trails around its store. However , when the winter snows melt in the spring , the drain – off flows down the surrounding mountains and into the lake, raising water levels from one or two meters to ten, covering the nearby park with pristine glacier water


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