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The Beauty of Kalalau

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The Napali Coast is truly a remarkable place. The cliffs (pali) give a breathtaking sight of narrow and deep valleys that suddenly end in the sea. Quick moving streams and waterfalls cut the valleys and the sea forms cliffs at the bottom. There are stone plateaus at the bottom of the valleys on which Hawaiians used to live.

The only access by land to this coast is the Kalalau Trail. It goes through 5 beautiful valleys before finally ending at the Kalalau beach. The trail is approximately 12 miles long and it crosses through green valleys and above sea cliffs. It drops down to sea level once it reaches the beaches of Kalalau and Hanakapiai.

The trail was built in the 1800s and some parts of it were rebuilt during the 1930s. It will take you a whole day to hike the trail, and it’s best to start early in order to avoid heat exertion. If you are an experienced swimmer or diver, there are a couple of opportunities during the hike for some great swimming breaks.

There is a lot for nature lovers here, as well. Many rare plants grow on the cliffs along the trail, and wild goats are often encountered on it. There is nature on the Kalalau trail that cannot be found anywhere else.


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