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Riverston Peak – Mini World’s End, Matale

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If you are a walking wanderer, The Riverston Peak is a must visit then as it gives a beautiful panoramic view. The Riverston Peak in Sri Lanka can be reached by travelling, about 30km, a few kilometers away from the Matale town – Girandurukotte Road.

The main breathtaking beauty attractions of this place includes the scenic beauty and trekking. The two graceful waterfalls present here, Ella and Bamabarakiri Ella witnesses the beauty of the marvelous forest. There are some conveniently located rock sitter from which a visitor can enjoy and refresh and take in the views. During the colder day’s one should wear suitable clothing as it can get very cold especially when it’s windy.

If you are a nemophilist, the one who is fond of forest scenery; a haunter of the woods and loves nature, then walking through the Riverston Peak which offers some of the best views to the surrounding countryside; to the extent that it is called the Mini World’s End will give you the best adventure memories ever !!


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