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Ravana Falls – Sri Lanka

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Just outside of Ella, on the road winding south towards Wellawaya, lies one of Sri Lanka’s most easily accessible attractions: Ravana Falls.

According to local legend, King Ravana is said to have kidnapped princess Sita and hidden her in the secrecy of the forest-protected caves behind the waterfall, to avenge the slicing off of his sister’s nose by Sita’s husband (Rama).

Today, the 25,-high, multi-tiered waterfall is less hidden, given its location right next to the road into Ella from the south, but it’s no less impressive, particularly if you make the effort to hike further up to the second and third-tier falls. From the top of Ravana falls the views over the valley below are majestic, and worth the somewhat tough and precarious hike up.

To get to the top, follow the tracks to the right of the waterfall and slowly make your way up, following the well trodden paths. Be warned though – due to the sheer volume of water this hike should only be completed during the dry months, and with the assistance of a local guide. During the wet months, the torrent that flows down this waterfall is a sight to behold, showering the road and local area in spray. We recommend visiting early morning or late afternoon, as the area can get pretty busy during the day. Also, be sure to grab a King Coconut (LKR 50) or boiled corn (LKR 50) at one of the street vendors before heading back to Ella!

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