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Pettigala Mountain Range, Balangoda, Sri Lanka

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Pettigala Kanda where the remains of King Rawana are said to have been buried..?

A few kilometers from Kotmale you will find the Thawalam plain. After passing Thawalamtenna for a few more kilometers, in front of the village called Ambatalawa, a large mountain range called Karanagala is located adjacent to this village of Ambatale. This area is also known as the Trikota. It is surrounded by three mountains … Legend has it that the body of King Rawana was buried in a large rock on the Pettigala hill. It is said that the body of King Rawana’s brother Kumbhakarna was also buried nearby.Villagers in the Ambatalawa area have seen that the stone door of this rock is opened once in two weeks and that someone comes out of it and enters again after a while and after that the stone door closes again. The villagers say that they come out to carry the medicine needed to keep the body intact. It has been reported on an Indian TV channel that a research team from India did some research here some time ago.


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