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Maussakale |Sri Lanka ?

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The Maussakelle Reservoir ❤️ and the two beautiful Gartmore & Moray falls,The left fall is known as Sri Pada Ella, Lower Gartmore Falls or Adams Peak Falls. Standing at a tiered 82 ft, the fall also has an Upper part accessible via another route and is quite a long walk. The falls are located about 5km from Adam’s Peak and runs through privately held tea estates ?.As for Moray falls, it takes the name of an old Tea estate in which it resides. The fall has 3 quite tall cascades. This part is the last cascade and is quite slippery when it’s raining ⚠️.The reservoir can be accessed via Maskeliya or Nallathanniya. Maskeliya is a town in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. This region is known for its mountains and estates and amazing scenic routes ⛰


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