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Maussakale |Sri Lanka 🏔

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The Maussakelle Reservoir ❤️ and the two beautiful Gartmore & Moray falls,The left fall is known as Sri Pada Ella, Lower Gartmore Falls or Adams Peak Falls. Standing at a tiered 82 ft, the fall also has an Upper part accessible via another route and is quite a long walk. The falls are located about 5km from Adam’s Peak and runs through privately held tea estates 🍃.As for Moray falls, it takes the name of an old Tea estate in which it resides. The fall has 3 quite tall cascades. This part is the last cascade and is quite slippery when it’s raining ⚠️.The reservoir can be accessed via Maskeliya or Nallathanniya. Maskeliya is a town in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. This region is known for its mountains and estates and amazing scenic routes ⛰


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