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Loolkandura Estate ( Kondagala) – Sri Lanka

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The Loolkandura Estate, also known as Loolcondera Estate, is the first tea plantation estate in Sri Lanka and is situated in Rikillagaskada in the Central Province. There are many attractions to visit in this estate especially in relation to the pioneer of Ceylon tea, James Taylor. These attractions include the following;

1. Ruins of James Taylor’s Cottage
2. Hike to Kondagala
3. James Taylor’s Well
4. James Taylor’s Seat
5. Field No 7 – The First tea field

Kondagala is a picturesque mountain located right behind James Taylor’s cottage at Loolkandura Estate. It is a popular hiking spot with a 300 meters hike to reach the top of the mountain. Hiking Kondagala exposes the hiker to beautiful views in the surrounding areas especially with mist laden across the valleys. One specialty of Kondagala is that the rock shows two completely different characteristics depending on the weather. On a sunny day the peak of the mountain is burning hot while on a rainy day you might experience an extremely cold weather with the mist laden around and covering the view from the top.

Kondagala is popular for providing 360 degrees view of the amazing valleys in the area. Be mindful when at the top because of the mist laden around which could make it hard even to see the person next to you making it easy to walk and fall off the edge of the cliff.


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