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Kitulgala Water Rafting

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Kitulgala is a small town in the west of Sri Lanka. It is in the wet zone rain forest, which gets two monsoons each year, and is one of the wettest places in the country. Kitulgala is a very secluded place to enjoy swimming and water sports like water rafting.The Kitulgala’s main attraction is White water rafting where you can ride the tides of Kelani River. Other than that it’s popular for sports like confidence jump, Stream Sliding, Waterfall abseiling, Jungle trekking. Bird watching and cave exploration and last but not least river trips and expeditions.

If you are planning to go on white water rafting, plan it as a team, a team building activity like rafting will help increase trust, communication, and will build long-lasting memories. You wake up in the morning, grab a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and head out to the river to start your raft. Get the raft off the cradle and into the water with your team. There are shops in kitulgala where you need to buy the equipment’s needed to start your raft. A tour guide will be helping you through out the journey and around six people will be able to go on the raft with the tour guide.

Make sure that you that you have the right outerwear for the day. One must be aware to wear a life jacket to be safe and comfortable. Know how to paddle the boat with some proper swimming techniques. Further, know the commands – High-Siding. If any of the equipment’s for rafting is missing, fix it before departing. Experience the white water rafting in a safe way to create awesome memories.


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