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Kithulgala – Sri Lanka

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Out of the outdoor activities done in Kitulgala, the trek through the vast jungle is where you are able to get up and close with nature and see things with a different perspective comparatively. There is a lot to explore and experience the breathtaking scenery of the mountains and hills around you. It is one of the ideal places for bird-watching, as there are a couple of rare and endemic bird species that flock in these areas due to the fact that it is a rainforest and a prominent habitat for most of the other wildlife animals as well. Learn about the various types of flora and fauna that are found everywhere across the forest acres – the magnificent waterfalls and streams that are secluded deep inside – the golden chest in an epic treasure hunt. The reward would be to cool off by taking a dip in these clean fresh streams and feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
You can do everything leisurely – within your own pace because you will not be able to properly enjoy yourself if you are rushing and in a hurry. There are places like Kitulgala Adventures that organize treks and hikes plus other adventure sports activities for you, according to your preferences.

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