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Kids Need Adventure – Parents Need to Teach Them How

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Do you get bored with routine? Do you long for more action in your life? Do you adventure? Do your kids adventure? Do you think it matters? 

This modern society we live in doesn’t make much time for such adventures, let alone the free space to carry them out. We find ourselves toting kids from place to place and from one activity to another. Everything is structured and planned and when kids are given opportunity to just play and entertain themselves, sometimes they simply don’t know how. Where did the adventure go?

Here are some ways to teach kids how much adventure is important;

Physical Activity

How can we teach children about risk and uncertainties? That knowledge doesn’t come from a book or from a planned activity. That is only gained through experience and often through things like falling down and getting a scraped knee. The physical activity that comes with running around, climbing a tree, role playing is a given. The intellectual skills and emotional growth that comes with the physical activity and choices is priceless and has all but been lost. There is real power in playing people!!

Cultural Exchange

There is tremendous value in learning your own family history. Not only is genealogy fascinating, but the cultural stories of where we come from give us a real connection to something bigger then just us. It’s how we learn about respect and tolerance not to mention all the great things to experience like song and dance and food! It’s adventure and connection all together! And in this disconnected modern plugged in society, it’s vital we find it again.

Connection to Nature

We’re all connected. Every spiritual doctrine there is says so. Science says so too. The value of experiencing nature cannot be over estimated. Connect your kids with nature by taking them out to watch the environment. Let them see and feel the nature.

If your kids want to adventure, talk about the activities they want to do, discuss what could realistically go wrong, talk about how best to handle that situation and if you don’t know what to do, look it up together, get some advice from someone with experience, or go and learn together. And then let them get on with it.Kids want more adventure. They need it. It’s good for them. Parents need to teach them how; how to adventure, spot risks, deal with problems if and when they occur. And then let them off the leash to explore and learn for themselves. Gradually, if you must!

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