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Kadiyanlena Ella Falls, Sri Lanka

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Situated in the heart of an area overflowing with greens, Kadiyanlena waterfall adds a dose of beauty to the already scenic land.The waterfall cascades down three steps, giving it a strange beauty not found in any other waterfall. The first segment (8m) flows down as a single stream of water. The second segment (7-8m) flows down over a wide rock. The third segment (8-9m) starts its fall right under the arch bridge, giving it a total height around 25m. A height of 25m may not sound intimidating enough, but the picturesque effect of the water cascading in steps makes up for the lack of height and more.At each step of the fall, water continues to hit the rock from a height. Due to this, small ponds can be seen on those giant rocks, creating ideal places for a dive. The first and second segments are recommended for bathing. The third segment falls to a pond approximately 30m deep hence is forbidden for swimming.

This cascading beauty has two names. As she flows down through the Kadiyanlena village, she is named Kadiyanlena Ella. The Kataboola estate is nearby, hence giving her the name Kataboola ella.The waterfall is harmless to take a dive but be cautious if you are visiting during rainy season. The rocks are naturally slippery, and a huge volume of water rushes through the waterfall, hence it is not recommended to get in the ponds or try to climb up or down the waterfall when raining.After the mesmerizing fall, the body of water flows serenely to reach the Mahaweli river. At the end of this waterfall, to the right of the stream of water, a rock can be seen. A stream of water flows under a small house located on the rock. This baffling structure is the Kataboola Estate Powerhouse. It can be reached from another route but, entry is not allowed for visitors.

Getting there~First take the Ginigathena – Nawalapitiya Route (B319) to reach Nawalapitiya (not the Hatton route). From Nawalapitiya, take the Dimbula – Thalawakele route (B317). You will reach the waterfall 13km down this route, in around 30 minutes time.


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