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Hummanaya Blow Hole – Sri Lanka

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Hummanaya or  Hoo-manaya is considered to be a blowhole situated in Dickwella, close to Matara. It is supposed to be the second largest blowhole in the world.

It is commonly known as Hoo as the sound hoo can be heard away from the blowhole when it’s active. It is one of the key tourist destinations in southern Sri Lanka, and it’s located next to the small fishing village Kudawella.

The blowhole is located 28km away from Matara, and you can arrive there passing Dickwella town along the A2 road towards Hambanthota. The Blowhole is a result of seawater coming in through submerged cavern and pushed upwards where water will come up due to the pressure created from the surface of the sea.

It is a typical scenario where the water comes up every time depending on the nature of the seasons off Dickwella. We can see more water coming up during the off-season period (April- September). The shoot will reach 25- 30 m in height usually. You can also see the information centre carrying out by the locals on the marine life in the area. Ideally, you should come to visit the blowhole during April – September in every year to get a good sight of the blowhole.

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