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How to travel with friends on different budgets

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Is there anything better than traveling with friends ? Traveling with friends is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life, form deep connections and make memories that will last a lifetime.

But sometimes, it can unravel us in ways we never thought possible. We’re exposed to unpredictable situations, things can and do go wrong. If you’re travelling in a group, money can become a big issue. It’s better to be upfront with your expectations than to have to deal disagreements during the trip. Here are group money management tips for travelling, so you can enjoy the trip with your mates.

Discuss travel importance with friends – Travelling with your friends helps to create stronger bonds. Discuss with your friends on why it is important to go travel. In these times, you can explore each other patience and other strengths and weaknesses. Discuss where you want to go with your friends and let them come up with their ideas. More importantly, traveling can test and strengthen your bond as you face difficulties once you’re on the road. Traveling with friends, on the other hand, deepens friendship.

Communicate about your budgets before hand & respect the decided budget Prior to embarking on your trip, have a conversation about your respective budgets, goals and ideas for the trip.  Everyone should be able to afford on the trip and agree to accommodation, food, transport, tours etc. Stick to the budget once you’ve agreed on it. If a friend decides they need to pull out of an activity don’t give them grief for it, understand that they just don’t have the cash.
They can work to their budget and you work to yours. Chill and discuss about budgets without creating tension in the group conservation.

Set a free time – Consider on when your group members are free. Discuss travelling on vacations or any other day when everyone gets free from work.

Take your first aid box with you – We’re exposed to unpredictable situations, things can and do go wrong. Safety first !! Injuries can happen when you travel, no matter how careful you are. That’s why traveling with a basic first aid kit is important.

Organize your spending – Organize to spend money carefully, do not spend more than your planned as it will cause conflicts. Let each friend do their personal spending. Organize how to spend money on transport, accommodations, meals and shopping.

Take advantage on free activities – Plan some activities that are free or low-cost. For example; street walks, certain beach activities, going on nature visits etc. Take public transport around or walk instead of relying on taxis.

Be strategic about meals and do not split the bill evenly – Food and drink can really take a chunk out of your budget, so if you need to save money, then you can go shopping and cook while your friends who have more money to spend can eat out. It’s a great way of compromising and you can always agree to have a meal or two out together so you don’t feel so left out.

Further, don’t be afraid to not split the bill evenly. To keep things simple, have each person pick up their own tab. If you are going on a road trip or grocery shopping for your trip, let everyone pick up the groceries that they can afford. This keeps things fair and even. 

Be open to different accommodations – Make arrangements to stay in hostels, hotels, resorts and bungalows. Make sure that the place you choose to stay is safe and sound. Be open to separate or alternate travel arrangements or accommodations.

Think of your long term friendship – The best way to fall out with people in any situation is to not communicate. If you’re worried about spending, or about your friends spending, then just say something as it helps to build a long term friendship. Remember that few money disagreements is not worth losing your friendship over.

Communicate, don’t be stingy, enjoy the moment with your friends. Don’t let money ruin your trip!


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