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How to Travel on a Limited Budget.

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1Choose a cheap destination. Some places are considered bargain travel spots all year round, such as Canada and Panama. They generally offer thrifty options for lodging, eating, entertainment, and airline tickets. You can find many of these places by choosing “everywhere” as your destination on a travel website.

  • Another smart option is to identify a high traffic place, like Paris, and then travel to a smaller city outside of it. This is called “secondary” travelling.

2Go during the off-season. Most places have a tourist off-season when fewer people come and prices drop. For the Caribbean, this is usually April to August. Europe’s off-season is January to March. Visitors to Africa find better prices from May to September. You can also contact your accommodations directly prior to booking and ask them when their off-season begins and ends.

  • Off-season often coincides with less than ideal weather, so make sure that you consider this when packing your bags.

3Gather information on your daily expenses. If you plan to eat out, look up menus for restaurants at your destination. Or, go online and find the average cost of staple groceries, such as milk, for that area. If you are going to drive, search online for gas and toll costs for your destination. You can also buy museum or other tickets in advance, so that you’ll know how much you are spending for entertainment.

4Create a budget. Start by choosing your destination and the number of days that you’d like to travel. Then, estimate how much you’ll need to buy a flight. Use the information that you’ve gathered on food, entertainment, and other expenses to determine a daily cost of living. Add up all of your costs until you have a total estimate for the trip.

  • If you divide your total trip estimate by the number of days you are travelling, you’ll know the cost per day. This will help you to determine if you can afford a longer trip or if you need to cut it short.
  • Look over your trip costs and see if there are areas where you can cut costs, such as eating in more instead of dining out.



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