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How to Travel Car-Free With a Family

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Letting go of the wheel leads to happier travels, especially with children. Here are a few tips, for car-free travel with a family.

Pack less, see more

After a bit of trial and error, you’ll find a car-free travel is a liberating choice that forces you to schlep considerably less. Take only two pairs of shoes, bid adieub to the car seat and gain back the time wasted mulling over “just in case” outfits or scavenging for souvenirs.

Pass the road test

Before committing to a long vacation, get the entire family in a go-with-the-flow groove to better handle the inevitable car-free setbacks: delayed buses, stuck trains, no available seats, overly ambitious parents.

Discover the family-friendly deals

Train travel in particular offers excellent family-friendly savings. Once the destination has been selected, plan for what could be big travel snafus: Are guides needed to reach certain attractions? Does the bus have a bathroom or require a booster seat?

Put the children in charge

Your children, believe it or not, can help with those transition points. Older children can keep things running smoothly as snack supervisors or travel panners, charged with picking out the next activity from the book.

Travelling car-free would be fun but yet you must be much considered about the family safety while travelling.

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