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How safe is it to rent a car during COVID pandemic?

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One of the three C’s we need to avoid in order to prevent contracting the new coronavirus is “closed spaces”. How safe is it to rent a car these days?

Following a number of countries easing their lockdown rules and getting almost back to ‘normal’, surveyed almost 400 car rental providers to find out what Covid-19 safety measures are in place to keep customers safe.

The survey revealed that 84% of car rental firms said that they carry out specialist sanitation on each of their cars across all locations to protect the wellbeing of their customers.

Furthermore, 27% of companies offer additional Covid-19 protection such as antibacterial gel and wipes or face masks and gloves for customers in their cars completely free of charge.

Gel – 60%

Mask – 46%

Wipes – 17%

Gloves – 10%

Meanwhile, 12% of firms provide them at an extra cost.

Car rental companies share how they keep every vehicle sanitise and safe to use. They disinfect the whole vehicle from the steering wheel to the ventilation system as well as the keys and cover them in plastic wrapping before handing it to the new customer. Companies also encourage online check-ins and payments to minimise contact and risk.

Since different countries have different regulations, some companies ask customers to sign a document detailing their health status, while others even request a medical certificate proving that the renter has no COVID-19. If a customer states or shows symptoms, the car will be quarantined. After the quarantine period is over the car is sanitised and rented out again.

Aleksandr Buraks from said: “Protecting the wellbeing of all customers and ensuring that they can rent a car during this period without fear of infection or compromising their safety is of utmost importance to all car rental companies.

“Our survey reassuringly shows us that the wider car rental industry is taking this health crisis extremely seriously and implementing steps to ensure that people are guarded against the risk of catching Covid-19 to the best of their ability.”

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