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Hiriketiya Beach- Dikwella Sri Lanka

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Surfing in Hiriketiya Bay, one of  favourite beaches in Sri Lanka, has to be the main attraction when visiting this region. It’s an awesome little mushroom-shaped bay that provides pretty mellow waves for beginners, but also has a decent left hand point break for the more advanced surfers. Surf board rental costs 500 LKR per hour from the beachfront rental places.

Yet another astounding swing down the southern coast of Sri Lanka is found in Dickwella. This swing is located towards the very end of the beach, on a palm tree stretching out towards the vast ocean. Unlike the palm tree rope swing at Dalawella, there is an actual seat here, which makes it easy for anyone to try it out and take a swing on it. While the swing at Dalawella has become famous on social mediums, this swing at Dickwella is not as popular yet. Thus, making this a little hidden gem. Enjoy the beautiful sunset with the sky coloured in a golden hue. One of the swings are located within close proximity of the Dickwella Beach Resort and another can be found along the bay near the Mahi Mahi restaurant.

Dickwella boasts some great diving spots. There are PADI approved diving centers offering assistance and equipment along the shores. This spot is good for both beginner and advanced divers. While diving, you can explore the beautiful coral reefs and the multi-coloured coral reef fish. If you wish to go further towards the sea and snorkel in the Nilwella Bay, you can ask the fishermen present to take you. The warm, clear waters makes snorkelling and diving even more enjoyable.

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