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Go Hiking on the Faroe Islands, Denmark.

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The Faroe Islands is a self-governing archipelago, part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It comprises 18 rocky, volcanic islands between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean, connected by road tunnels, ferries, causeways and bridges. Hikers and bird-watchers are drawn to the islands’ mountains, valleys and grassy heathland, and steep coastal cliffs that harbor thousands of seabirds.

You’ll find that once you get off the beaten path on foot, the mountains and valleys will open up for you in marvellous and unexpected ways.

A short hike into the mountains affords numerous vantage points that overlook awe-inspiring peaks in one direction and the disheveled surface of the ocean in another. One of the many special features of the Faroe Islands is that you don’t have to go far to experience magnificent and untouched nature. Look around you. Take a few steps. Take a deep breath and listen. It’s all right there!

The summer are mild here on these Danish islands off the northern coast of Scotland. The landscapes are dramatic and visitors come here to find peace among these magical islands. It’s an ideal place for hikers, those looking for serenity and excellent views. You can also see the unique Faroe Sheep. The name Faeroe itself is thought to mean “Sheep Islands.”


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