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Cruise Through the Fjords,Norway

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites, named among the “Best unspoiled travel destinations in the World” and “Seven wonders of nature”. The Norwegian Fjords make an impression on everyone who visits them.

Cutting in from the sea, through steep mountains rising up to 2000 meters high, creating lush, fertile soil along the shore. Mild, salty waters up to 1300 meters deep. Passages so narrow that when the ship sails in, you can sometimes touch the mountainside with your fingertips up on deck.

The Norwegian Fjords have always given people memories for life – and temporary neck aches from gazing at the sights. For example, mountainside farms once accessible only by steep ladder trails, small villages, seals, porpoises, schools of fish swimming in the waters, with eagles and other birds looking down from above.

Summer is the best time to visit Norway’s awe-inspiring fjords, the best way to do this is on a cruise. Various tours will take you around the coast and deep into the fjords. Truly an unforgettable trip, givinng you the opportunity to experience the majesty of this beautiful country.


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