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Coronavirus: Holiday bungalows in Diyatalawa converted into QCs

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Commander of the Sri Lanka Army and the Acting Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva has said that holiday bungalows in Diyatalawa will be utilised as quarantine centres.

Lt. Gen. Silva stated that the children who were in a group of passengers arrived from London will be housed at these holiday bungalows.

Currently, Sri Lanka Army runs improvised quarantine centres in Pompemadu, Punani, Kandakadu, Panichchankerni, 18 Sri Lanka National Guard camp at Meeyankulam, Borawewa, Galkanda, Kahagolla, Army Base Hospital Diyatalawa, Gemunu Watch camp at Diyatalawa, Damminna and Rantembe.

Speaking further the Army Commander stated that his troops are playing a crucial role during this hour of need with the support from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, Office of the Western Province Governor, Ministry of Foreign Relations, Sri Lanka Aviation and Airport Authority, Department of Immigration and Emigration, Sri Lanka Police, Sri Lanka Air Force, Sri Lanka Transport Board and other relevant agencies.


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