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CAASL Chairman completes his challenging first year of service successfully!

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Mr. Upul Dharmadasa was appointed as the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) on 14th January 2020. Since then, the CAASL had to face one of the biggest challenges in its history; the outbreak of COVID-19.

The very first COVID 19 affected Chinese lady was identified on 27th January. After that, with the identification of very first affected Sri Lankan on 22nd March, all Sri Lankan airports were temporarily closed.

Since then ensuring passenger healthcare and coordination of safe air travel was under the responsibility of CAASL.

It’s been an year since CAASL has successfully handled the current tough situation and now even have managed to reopen the Airport. The dedication of the Chairman of CAASL along with CAASL staff is to handle this situation successfully is much appreciated.


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