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Buddhist Center Samarinda, Indonesia

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Since 8 years ago, Samarinda has built a magnificent building that will become the largest Buddhist center in Southeast Asia. The total area of ​​the Buddhist Center is 1.3 hectares. The cost of building the building is very comparable to the quality. Building area of ​​10,600 square meters looks magnificent and can be the pride of East Kalimantan. The entire outside of the building is coated with ceramic. Some parts are even covered with carved sandstone. To work on some of these elements, the development committee brought in personnel from outside the region.

Meanwhile, Buddhist statues were imported from Taiwan. Three pratimas as high as 3.9 meters are placed on the 1st floor (Graha Shakyamuni). The pratimas are Shakyamuni Buddha (Gautama Buddha), Avalokita Bodhisattva, and Satyakalam Boddhisattva. Whereas the 5 meter high Maitreya Buddha Pratima is on the 3rd floor. The Pratima Buddha is still covered with cloth and will be opened at the time of inauguration. Under the monument there is also a cafeteria for all walks of life. The food served is quality and healthy.

If you are a person who like to visit religious places, add the buddhist temple samarinda onto your itinerary.

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