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A Guide to Hotel Tipping

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How much should you tip the porter, concierge, maid and other workers responsible for your stay?

With the daily fees (parking, gym or the dreaded resort fee) seemingly increasing both in quantity and in amount, it may be hard during your hotel stay to shell out gratuities as well.But travelling is one of lie’s luxuries, if you can afford a services, you can afford the gratuity.

  • SHUTTLE DRIVER Taking the shuttle from the airport or from the hotel to downtown? Five dollars per person for the driver should cover it. Add a few extra dollars for luggage.
  • PORTER If you are storing bags with the hotel porters before or after your stay, tip a few dollars per bag when you leave them and when you retrieve them, to thank everyone who helped you.If the porter brings your luggage to your room, tip a couple of dollars per bag, or bit more if they offered orientation information.
  • HOUSEKEEPER – Pushing a heavy cart of cleaning and room supplies, lifting mattresses and bending over tubs and toilets is probably the most physically demanding job in the hotel. If you host a party in your room or are traveling with children (always a party!) consider leaving a bit more. On a multi-day stay, leave a daily tip, rather than one at the end to make sure the person cleaning your room each day receives the money.
  • CONCIERGE – With the internet at our fingertips, the hotel concierge has faded as a guest’s main source of local information and recommendations. But they can and still do give great advice and can make reservations at restaurants, perhaps off the beaten path. For their help, tip them $5 or more, depending on how much time they spend with you. No need to tip for a quick set of directions and a map.
  • FRONT DESK STAFF – If the front desk staff untangle a gnarly room situation or unexpectedly upgrade you, write a nice online review.
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