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9 Amazing Tips to Help You Enjoy a Stress-Free Vacation

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1) Travel More Often

If traveling is something you do just once every couple of years, you’re bound to stress over it. When you travel more, you become familiar with the process, and this takes away the pressure of having a perfect trip. If possible, try to take short breaks at least twice each year. Even if you go away for a day or two, traveling will help you identify what items you can and can’t do without, how your body reacts to change, and what truly excites you. All of this will help you prepare for the bigger trip!

2) Stick to Your Idea of Vacationing

Everyone has different preferences- perhaps your colleague enjoyed a week-long holiday in the mountains and your friend had fun deep sea diving. If you are afraid of heights or depths, it’s unlikely you’ll have a relaxing vacation by forcing yourself on a trip of this kind. So don’t make plans based on what someone else liked, unless you’re up for trying something new.

3) Think Off Season

What’s important to you- peace of mind or getting some sun? Traveling off season might mean going when the weather isn’t quite as good; however, you won’t have to stand in long queues or look at overcrowded beaches all the time. What’s more, you’ll benefit from countless deals and discounts! By all means, travel in peak season if you know you can manage the crowds.

4) Plan in Advance

Leaving things to the last minute is sure to create stress, so always plan in advance. Start with choosing your destination, time of travel, and the kind of trip you want. Research flight and accommodation rates and book or make reservations early on. Also research your chosen destination and map out places you’ll be visiting. Plan your itinerary so you don’t fall short of time to see and do things on your trip!

5) Pack Light

Your vacation is not going to spell ‘FUN’ if you have to lug around heavy suitcases. And you don’t even want to imagine going through the hassles of your airline losing your luggage! So do away with the extra sets of clothes and shoes. Even if you’re going away for a long time, it’s possible to make do with bare essentials. If you must have excess luggage, consider shipping bulky items to your hotel before you leave from home.

6) Be Prepared

Even if you plan your trip to the T, something or the other is bound to go wrong. Instead of having to go through troubles and meltdowns later, just prepare for unforeseen disasters so you’re ready to tackle them effortlessly! For example, keep copies of your documents in the hotel safe so you’re covered if you lose the originals, and write down emergency contact numbers in your diary for events when your phone and memory fail you.

7) Step Away from Work

Remember, you’re going on a vacation, not a business trip! So step away from work by turning off email notifications and switching off your work phone. Refrain from promising your boss and colleagues that you’ll be available all the time. If you must remain connected to your work, set aside a little time each day to check emails and attend phone calls.

8) Be on Time

Whether you have to catch a flight, bus, or train, always give yourself enough time to pack, get ready, lock up, and leave the house or hotel. Factor in the time required to get to the airport or station, considering local traffic during peak times. 

And lastly,

9) Relax

To truly enjoy your vacation, you’ll have to learn to relax. Quit worrying and savor the special moments. Tune in to your natural rhythm, try some yoga or go for an early morning bicycle ride. Take each day as it unfolds; don’t over-schedule or rush things!

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