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Underwater Temple Garden, Pemuteran, Bali

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The underwater Temple Garden is a unique dive site located in Bali, near Pemuteran. This temple is very ancient, and scientists believe that it was built at least over a thousand years ago & was constructed in the sea only.some even claimed that the ‘Atlantis of the East’ had been discovered. These speculative stories, however, came to an end, when the people responsible for the creation of the Underwater Temple Garden revealed that they were the ones who made the site. This spooky location consists of a small temple garden starting at 30m and works its way back to the dive site Temple Wall. Statues of Buddha, Ganesha, turtles and more abound behind an ornate Balinese gateway. Behind the central statue is an interesting little bommie with Buddha heads covered in cleaning shrimps. The statues, for instance, have been colonized by corals, which in turn attract little fish to the area. The beauty of this temple under the sea has drawn divers to the site.

The “temple” was actually constructed recently as part of an artificial reef creation project. Coral and other sea life can anchor onto vertical structures placed on the sea floor, creating important marine habitat.

This underwater temple compound has since become a habitat for various marine creatures.. This dive site is perhaps the most interesting human-made reef to dive on in the area. This is the perfect activity for diving lovers!


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